Pubg Mobile Royal Elite Pass 13 Update coming soon see Details.

Pubg Mobile Royal Elite Pass 13 update coming soon see Details-

The new version of Pubg Mobile will launch on 7th May 2020. It was the official announcement of the Pubg Mobile Twitter account. So you have to wait till 7th May for new royal pass season 13 update. In this new update of 0.18 you can get many gun skins, outfit, car skins, dacia skin, UAZ skin buggy bike etc. 

New Skins and Outfit -

In this new season 13 you will get all these skin items below -

Season 13 theme Airplane Finish
Army man set
Neubula Hero Set
Fire Ranger Set
Puppet Advance Agent Set
Choice of two set in 100 RP 1. Flash superman 2. Lava superman 
Intermediate Puppet set, Rock and roll and baisc set. 
Captain hawk headgears
Vector Gun skin
P92 Gun skin
Paddet Set
Mythic items of Headgear
Parachute skin of season 13
Mask with tribal Set
Twist joyful emote

New maps-

In this new season you will get the new map of Miramar 2.0 map. This pubg mobile royal pass new Miramar 2.0 map is unique for all the players. If you buy the new royal pass then you will get all the Royal pass outfit and gun skins to make your character better and mythic. 

Royal pass purchase in very cheap rate-

If you want to purchase this new pubg mobile season 13 royal pass check steps below -

If you purchase regular on FLIPKART site then check your account and check how much supercoin you have then you can purchase royal pass free

If you have 660 supercoin in your account then you can buy royal pass

If your account have 660 supercoin then you have to just purchase uc coin with the 660 supercoin 

When you purchased the Royal pass 13 then just activate the Royal pass in pubg mobile

You can also buy this from the Google play store in discount just go to play store and search pubg mobile and buy the Royal pass

Thanks for reading this article this all the information given in the article is collected from pubg mobile websites we are not sure about all these news this is only for entertainment. 

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