Car Insurance Online - Applicability, Benefits, Exclusions & more

Car Insurance Online - Applicability, Benefits, Exclusions & more

When you having a car is good for you. And having a insurance of the car is better for us. The car insurance come in very handy to cover the costs of your damaged car and stolen car for any reason.

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What do you mean by car insurance?

Motor insurance is also called the car insurance. This insurance will help when your car get damaged and stolen by any theft. To get the insurance of the car you have to pay the amount on annual basis premium. Your premium will calculated by the insurance declared value. If your amount of idv is low then you have to pay the low amount and in other if your idv is high then you have to pay high.

2. Applicability

According to the motor vehicle act 1998, to operate a motor vehicle in public place it is mandatory to be insured, this will cover any property damage or life damage. The company f insurance bears all the damage and the property or any injury towards to a third party for pay.

3. Documents Required for Car Insurance

The documents required for the car insurance is minimal. To get a new policy insurance you have to fill the form of the insurance company and simply a copy of your registration certificate called RC. Or if you want to renew your policy you have to only give the copy of your old insurance details and copy of your Rc.

4. Benefits of Car insurance

All the below benefits comes with car insurance.

1. This will cover your loss and damage of the insured vehicle.

2. It will cover your loss by any fire, explosion, theft, accident, or any terrorism attack.

3. this will also cover injury or death with a third party or any damage with property.

4. It will also cover personal accident.

5. Points consider before buying any car insurance

This will always necessary to the vehicle insurance compare with other companies also to get better coverage options. The points to b consider is next below. 
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