What is cloud computing and cloud working

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What is cloud computing

We can say the cloud computing defined as delivering the power of computing to the ram, cpu ,  network speed,os software the full service over the network this is different from ofline to online.

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Example of cloud 

These all are the cloud services
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lets Learn the cloud computing by the simple example

So whenever you travelling from one place to another place then if you are travelling through bus then you have to buy one bus ticket for your destination. In the same time the other passengers of the bus also buy the ticket for there destination so in this type also the cloud computing works they collect and store all the data of you and other users at the same time and they allow to use it with the normal minimum cost.

Why name cloud 
The network engineer's represents the various locations which the name comes from cloud as the same network.

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why cloud computing
In today's time there is many user of mobile and computer is increasing day by day so the first priority of all the user is storage . So the large and small companies also spend money to use the cloud computing and storage for their business. From the user side the cloud computing decrease the hardware and software demands.

So while we use the email services then our data will store online in cloud storage not in our pc or laptop's storage. So the cloud service help to increase the growth of a small business. 

Benefits of cloud computing 

This will lower the cost of computer and information technology infrastructure for the user.

Will improve the performance
Have some issues in maintaining 
Best backup and recovery method 
increase the capacity of storage
Safety increase more

Types of the cloud

1 private 
This method is used for the intra business interaction. 
2 community cloud
communities will provide computing resources. 
3 public 
This is used for business to consumers. 
4 hybrid
this is used for business to business and for business to consumers. 
So these all are the type of the cloud computing which help us to manage our data online in this we can get many benefits for our online data storage and will maintain our data throughout the Internet from anywhere so this is the reason to use cloud computing for today's time. 

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