Pubg mobile season 10 Royal pass, outfit and skins

Season 10 pubg mobile royal pass gun skins, features and updates

The season 10 is very good and in this season you can get many types of new gun skins and outfit for free and with purchase of uc cash from your account.


What's new
 The improvement of main menu of pubg

The requirement of teams

Improved clan

new sign in reward for all weeks

new notification and HD sound

mission of team ups

all new bug fixed

New map
In the section of TDM match added new map name payload and the ruins.

Payload mode of pubg in this mode of new pubg they added the feature to get back your team mates By the new feature of calling back your teammate.

The ruins match have the same features like old tdm have you have to kill 40 enemies to win the match in total 10 minutes.

in this season many new rewards comes

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Summon companion

Dawn supplies rewards

Ruins death match reward free
draw record of pumpkins

You can claim all these rewards. 

Tier rewards 

The first reward start from the gold tier.

Gold tier - In this we get the rating protection card.

Silver tier - in this we get nothing.

Diamond tier - in this we get m249 skin.

Crown tier - nothing in this tier.

Ace tier - season 10 parachute skin.

Conqruer tier - season 1p conquer frame.

The Royal pass season 10 starts so you can get all the new information about the Royal pass and outfit and all the gun skins here we write all the details about the new season update for all of you thank you so much for reading our articles if you love our article or you want more information about free royal pass and free uc for pubg you can comment below your pubg id name and the skin or outfit you want. 

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